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Duffy Books in Homes USA (DBiH-USA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation created for the sole purpose of providing an outstanding literacy opportunity for elementary school students.

Here’s how our program works:
Students “self-select” high quality books from an age-appropriate listing of Scholastic books.
•Students are able to keep their books and take them home.
•All books are FREE to the student!
The philosophy behind the program is simple. . . .

“Break the cycle of booklessness. Children who can’t read become adults who can’t communicate. . .” Alan Duff.
Duffy Books in Homes USA works with eligible school districts to provide free books to elementary school children. Schools are selected from areas where the children are most likely to come from “bookless” homes.

The State Department of Education collects and reports data based on the percentage of economically disadvantaged students or those receiving free/reduced lunch in each school district. Duffy Books in Homes USA targets schools with a minimum of 50% free/reduced lunch eligibility. Children from low-income homes have the highest need for quality reading materials and literacy encouragement opportunities.

Each school joins in a financial partnership with local/regional/national Sponsors from the corporate and community arenas. Schools provide “matching funds” through a variety of fund-raising activities, PTA’s or district budgets. Active student involvement is strongly encouraged to emphasize the value of reading and their commitment to provide a “hand up not a hand out”. Duffy Books in Homes USA assists in connecting schools to interested Sponsors who clearly value community support for literacy enhancement opportunities for children.

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Here’s how our program works: Students “self-select” high quality books from an age-appropriate listing of...

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